A Fund for Women - Parfitt Facial Plastic Surgery Center
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A Fund for Women

A Fund For Women


A Fund For Women (AFFW), a component fund of The Madison Community Foundation, was established in 1993 to improve the lives of girls and women in our community. Once learning of AFFW in late 2004, Parfitt Facial Cosmetic Surgery Center (PFCSC) immediately felt compelled to sponsor AFFW’s annual event fundraiser in some capacity. In 2005, PFCSC contributed $4,000 to sponsor a portion of the media coverage for AFFW’s 2005 Annual Event Fundraiser held at The Monona Terrace in Madison, WI.


Continuing to learn more about AFFW’s focus on helping women succeed by encouraging fresh opportunities and eliminating barriers to self-sufficiency, led us to recognize similarities in the mission of PFCSC and that of AFFW. Since 2006, PFCSC chose to further support AFFW with a gift of $60,000 in donations. PFCSC continued to support AFFW with their Sustaining Stars Program. As of 2015, the Parfitt’s have started their own Acorn Fund, which will mature to $15,000 as a permanent endowment.


Facial plastic surgery with Dr. Richard Parfitt can make it possible to correct many undesirable facial features that can often undermine one’s self-esteem and self-confidence. If you would like more information or are interested in a facial cosmetic procedure, schedule a consultation today with Dr. Parfitt at one of our Wisconsin office locations in Madison or Appleton by calling 888.389.3223.