Plastic Surgery FAQ | Dr. Richard Parfitt
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Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions

When is the office open?

Appointment Coordinators are available to take your call Monday-Thursday 8:30 am – 5 pm and Friday 8:30 am – 1 pm. Please call 608.831.3991 to schedule an appointment with our team.

Our clinic office hours are:
MONDAY: 9 am – 6 pm
TUESDAY–THURSDAY: 8:30 am – 5 pm
FRIDAY: 9 am – 12 noon

What is Dr. Parfitt’s training?

Dr. Parfitt received his medical school training at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. He completed his residency with the US Naval Hospital and then spent two years as Head of the Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery Department at  the Naval Hospital in Okinawa, Japan. He completed an extensive fellowship training in Beverly Hills before returning to Madison, WI to open his private practice in 1996.

Dr. Parfitt is Double Board Certified as follows:

Board of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery:

American Board of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery:

He is also a Fellow Member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgeries:

See Dr. Parfitt’s full background here
See what his patients have to say here

Where does Dr. Parfitt operate?

Dr. Parfitt performs all surgeries at his Private Plastic Surgery Center in Middleton, WI. The Middleton location, right outside of Madison is located at 2261 Deming Way, Middleton, Wisconsin 53562.

Is plastic surgery right for me?

Surgical procedures are the right solution for some patients. In other situations, a non-surgical treatment could be the answer. Our goal is to provide you with expert advice during your consultation, help correct your areas of concern and achieve a youthful, natural-looking, facial balance. Dr. Parfitt does not perform surgery on every patient, but will tailor a treatment plan to best address your concerns.

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Parfitt, please call our office at 608.831.3991.

Why should I choose Dr. Parfitt’s services?

Beyond Dr. Parfitt’s expert credentials, and caring staff our patient’s have noted the following as influential in their decision-making and satisfaction.
– Beautiful, private facility
– The volume of before and after photos and testimonials
– Ease of booking
– Follow-up care and access to Dr. Parfitt as needed
– Post surgical care kits and incentives

What if I don’t live near Madison WI?

We are very accustomed to working with patients who travel to us from around the world. Consultations and pre-operative work can be done via phone, email, and internet video calling, thus limiting your travel dates to the day before surgery through your post-operative visits. Helpful contact numbers and information for travel can be found on our patient resources page.  Our private surgical center also features private recovery suites for your most critical post operative days. Local hotel arrangements can then be made through required post-operative visits.

Traveling alone? At your request our staff can assist you in travel to and from the hotel if needed.

Can Dr. Parfitt perform multiple procedures during one surgery?

Yes, most patients often choose to have multiple procedures to achieve their ideal result. Since each facial anatomy is different, Dr. Parfitt tailors treatment plans for each individual patient. He is an expert at determining which procedures are suitable for each individual and will address all options in your initial consultation.

Why don’t other doctors show as many before and after photos as Dr. Parfitt does? Will my photos be used on the Internet?

Your photos will never be used on the internet or in marketing unless you consent in writing for us to do so. Our consent form is above and beyond the standard surgical consent form. Your privacy is our priority and your photos will never be used without your consent.

Of the hundreds of facial surgeries Dr. Parfitt performs every year, a large portion of the patients keep their procedures private, secretly relishing in looking and feeling better about themselves. Other patients are so thrilled with their results, and the care they received, that they wanted to help us educate other prospective patients. Every picture that is displayed is of an actual patient of Dr. Parfitt. The volume of photos is a testament to the quality of Dr. Parfitt’s services.

See before and after photos of Dr. Parfitt’s patients here

How far in advance do I need to plan my surgery?

Planning well ahead of your desired surgery date is advised for schedule availability.

It is never too early to consult with Dr. Parfitt. Surgeries can be booked up to 1 year in advance.

Schedule availability varies.  Dr. Parfitt is usually booked out 3-5 weeks for a consultation in the Middleton, WI office, and 6-12 weeks in the Appleton, WI office.  Our surgical schedule is typically booked out roughly 3 months in advance.  Holidays and early or late Summer are our busiest time and book well in advance.

How long does it take to heal?

The healing time depends greatly on the procedure(s) performed. All patients are required to follow the post-operative instructions to ensure better healing and to reduce any possible complications. Click here for more information on each procedure.

What is the cost of facial plastic surgery and will my insurance cover it?

The cost of facial cosmetic procedures varies depending on the techniques and the amount of correction needed for each individual procedure. Depending on a patient’s facial anatomy, a variety of factors go into achieving a realistic and excellent result. A surgical quote will be presented during your consultation. If you are interested in a price range for a specific procedure, please email Dr. Parfitt’s Surgical Coordinator, Angela at

Insurance will not cover surgery that is performed purely for cosmetic reasons. However, procedures that are ‘Medically Necessary’ such as Septoplasty or Blepharoplasty (when there is obstructed vision) may be reimbursable in whole or in part. If you believe that your insurance might cover a procedure, check with your insurance carrier for information on coverage.  Dr. Parfitt would be an ‘out of network’ provider.

Do you offer financing options?


For purchases of $1,000 or more, we offer financing through, North America’s leading patient payment program. It works just like a credit card but is exclusive for healthcare services. We offer their extended payment plans up to 60 months as well as their 6 month and 12 month deferred (no interest if paid in full) interest option. This is a nice way to obtain the procedure now but spread out your payments over time. Applying is fast and secure. Click here for more information or to apply with CareCredit.


We offer financing through LendingUSA.   Available loan amounts range from $1,000 – $35,000. 6 month – 60 month options are available.  All loans include 0% interest rate on the principal loan if paid in full in six months. The zero interest rate on principal option promotion includes a non-refundable origination fee of 8% that results in APRs ranging from 16.39% -29.99%. The APR offered to you will depend on such factors as your credit score, application information, loan amount, loan term, and credit history.  Checking for approval won’t hurt your credit score.
Click Here to Check your Approved Payment Rate Today -No impact on your Credit Score to Qualify!

Is there a consultation fee to meet with Dr. Parfitt?

For surgical procedures, your initial consultation with Dr. Parfitt carries a fee of $125. This fee is placed on your account as a credit and can be used towards any service in the future at Parfitt Facial Cosmetic Surgery Center or AestheticA Skin Health Center.

I’m not ready to book a consultation, how do I get more information?

Dr. Parfitt’s Surgical Coordinator, Angela, can provide a wealth of information on procedures, recovery time, price range, financing options, etc.. Simply use our Contact Us form to send her your questions or concerns. You can even schedule complimentary consultation time with her to meet in person and see the facility. This is a great way to get all your preliminary questions out of the way before meeting with Dr. Parfitt to obtain his recommendations.

What can I do to achieve the best results?

The combination of surgical and non-surgical procedures performed at Parfitt Facial Cosmetic  Surgery Center and AestheticA Skin Health Center will improve the overall appearance with a refreshed, younger look, but also the skin texture and longevity is very important and can be enhanced with nonsurgical treatments and skin care.


Facial plastic surgery with Dr. Richard Parfitt can make it possible to correct many undesirable facial features that can often undermine one’s self-esteem and self-confidence. If you would like more information or are interested in a facial cosmetic procedure, schedule a consultation today with Dr. Parfitt at one of our Wisconsin office locations in Madison or Appleton by calling 888.389.3223.