Facial Plastic Surgery Patient Testimonials
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Patient Testimonials

Facial Plastic Surgery Patient Testimonials





Upper & Lower Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery)

Lip Lift

“I wish I had human words to convey how happy, how lucky…well really blessed that I was able to do this. Many things played a part in that! I read everything I could find about Dr. Parfitt, I knew when I could do the surgery I would choose him. The first time I ever came to your clinic I was impressed and had a sense of trust in him and the entire staff. I met you years ago for Botox with several of my friends. We were treated so awesome, our outcomes were truthfully addressed, every question answered. We all had fantastic treatments and great coaching on other services that could help us achieve what we wanted. You are all professional, welcoming, friendly, encouraging and most of all you delivered what you said! Dr.Parfitt is truly an artist! His talent shows in so many faces…for sure mine! His artistry has added so much joy and happiness to my life. Thank you is such a small word for how I feel.”

Why did you decide to have facial plastic surgery:

I was unhappy with the bags under my eyes, sagging face and neck. I wanted turn the clock back and look rested!

What are the 3 best things about having facial plastic surgery done:

“I look younger, look rested and bags under eyes are gone. It makes me feel better about my appearance, I haven’t been in any photos for 5 plus years! My favorite feature are my eyes…people are noticing them again! I LOVE how bright and pretty they are again.”

Describe your experience with our overnight recovery suite and staff:

“AMAZING care. I felt that the staff were experts, and I never worried or had any concerns about what was going on. I really enjoyed the personnel care, I am all about the social side of everything. My husband was also very impressed and at ease knowing I was in GREAT hands. I felt like everyone really cared about me and were happy for me!”




Forehead Lift

Upper & Lower Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery)

Lip Lift

parfitt patient testimonials

“There are no second chances for your face. Where ever your location is, look into a consultation with Dr. Parfitt for facial plastic surgery. I feel confident with him and would recommend anyone looking to rejuvenate their appearance. His approach, his philosophy and natural-looking results make him a well-respected Facial Plastic Surgeon. With any surgery, there is a time period of healing, but it was much less than I had anticipated.”

Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon Madison WI

Procedures: Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery)

Age: 20

“Dr. Parfitt does beautiful, natural looking work. When looking for a surgeon on the Internet, I only had to see the work he had performed and knew he was my surgeon. Cost did not play a part at all. I would have paid more for his expertise. When his quote was received, it was amazing to find that he offered exceptional work for a reasonable price. I would suggest and recommend him to anyone seeking facial plastic surgery.”

Procedures: Facelift/Neck Lift and Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Rejuvenation)

Age: 62

“I am very happy with my decision to have cosmetic surgery, especially with Dr. Parfitt. Considering I had been in to see him 10 yrs earlier, this was no snap decision. I just didn’t think I could afford it or that I should spend money on myself. Since I had surgery for a deviated septum with another physician years ago I had something to compare my experience with. It was like comparing apples to oranges. There was no comparison. From my first visit 10 yrs ago, Dr. Parfitt left me with such a good impression I never considered checking elsewhere. Also, he specialized just in the face. That was very reassuring because that meant he had much more experience within his field of expertise. Amazing. The saggy, baggy, droopy appearance is gone. I do feel better about myself. I know I’m the same age, but somehow I feel more hopeful. About what exactly that is I can’t say. Just that I do. Dr. Parfitt, thank you for all you patience and great care in my particular case.  I so appreciated you great sense of humor and being so calm and genuine.  Speaking of staff, I think you have a great mix of personalities. They are really cool people. Very professional and at the same time everyone was very kind and helpful and put me at ease. What a trip! I actually did it and with the best. Thanks!”

Best Facelift Surgeon Madison WI
Best Eyelid Surgery Plastic Surgeon Madison WI

Procedures: Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery) performed by Dr. Richard Parfitt

Age: 60

“The three best things about my surgery experience were that I now look and feel better, it was fairly painless, and Dr. Parfitt’s TALENT as a surgeon. The expertise and warm caring professionalism of you and your staff made me feel comfortable with my decision to have cosmetic surgery. You provided me with realistic expectations and the result is wonderful!”

“I’m very happy I chose Dr. Parfitt to be my surgeon. I love how my new nose looks. Having cosmetic surgery was overall a great experience and exciting. Because of Dr. Parfitt I now love my nose and feel more confidence. Thank you Dr. Parfitt.”

-Michelle (Janesville, WI)

“I thought he was very informative of the procedure and recovery. He did very good work and made my nose just how I wanted it.”

-Kendra (Appleton, WI)

“I can’t even describe my feelings enough other than to say that I am extremely happy, ecstatic, and overwhelmed with my procedure and how it is coming along. I cannot praise Dr. Parfitt and his team enough! From Dr. Parfitt with the consult, through the surgery, along with the post op appointments answering every question along with guiding me through procedure and the recovery process. Very professional and sincere. Making sure I leave every appointment satisfied 100%.

To Kim helping me before and after the procedure, making me comfortable, and explaining in detail what is going to take place leaving nothing to question.

To Angela and Beth making sure all my appointments pre and post op are scheduled on precise dates in which work along with my busy work schedule.

To Lyndsay and Jodie making me relaxed and feeling comfortable before, during, and after the procedure. With them and Dr. Parfitt I couldn’t go wrong. I tell you with all these exceptional people around me treating me as if I were there long time friend it actually didn’t really feel like I was in for facial plastic surgery, other like a friendly gathering of sorts. Again I can’t thank each of them singly enough.

This has been by far the best experience I have had in my 38 years at any Hospital, Clinic, Dr. Office, etc. Never have been treated so honestly, fairly as if they were family!”

– Andrew (Waunakee, WI) 

“I am so happy with the results, I feel that Dr. Parfitt really listened to me and gave me exactly what I wanted. He was reassuring, calming, and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. I will definitely come back for any further procedures in the future, I feel very relieved to have a trusted surgeon for anything I may want to do in coming years!”

-Christine (Chicago, IL)

“I look younger!…I feel much my face and my attitude are more in sync…I don’t mind having my picture taken any more since I don’t look so “old”. The overnight suite was perfect and everyone on staff was amazing–so thoughtful and caring and gracious. All praise–from the first moment I walked into the office until my final hug going out the door, my whole experience was excellent.”

-Janet (Kihei, HI)

“My overnight stay was great. With being out of town this is a great option. Jody was just fantastic.”

-Randy (Appleton, WI)

“I feel 100% confident with Dr Parfitt doing my facial surgeries. He is the only person that I would trust with my face. He takes the appropriate amount of time with me and makes me feel like he truly cares about my results. I know that I am in good hands with him. I look better and in turn feel better. I don’t have to think about getting it done and go back and forth with a decision I feel like I have invested in my face, which I will have forever! I was surprised that there was little to no pain with this surgery.”

-Cassidy (Neenah, WI)

“I would recommend Dr. Parfitt to anyone. He is kind, patient and very skilled. He makes you feel very comfortable and doesn’t “push” you to make a decision on the spot.”

 (Dubuque, IA)

“The refreshed look is so nice and the feeling of knowing you look more approachable. As we age we often look angry or mad and I believe that ‘look’ has lifted somewhat. It makes me feel more confident and at ease.

It was great and very comfortable Jodi was very attentive. helpful and sweet as was any others involved. It was an extremely comfortable accommodation.

Dr. Parfitt was wonderful and I have no doubt I chose the right Dr. for this procedure. I know as we age and at my age, a facelift is not always as successful as when one is younger. He told me he could take 15 yrs off my face and I believe he did.

The staff was wonderful at the surgery center as well as Aesthetica. Any question or issue I had was handled very professionally and thoroughly. Thank you, Everyone, for your expertise and kindness!”

-Nita (Antigo, WI)

“I think Dr. Parfitt does amazing work. He is an artist. He knows exactly what needs to be done to get the results you are looking for while making it look so natural people don’t even know that you had anything done. They just know you look good! He also is very good at working with patients. He takes time to answer questions, address concerns, make reasonable recommendations, and makes the patient feel good about their choices. I have recommended him to friends.”

 (Middleton, WI)

“Dr. Parfitt was amazing! During the consultation he was completely honest and was able to show me what the outcome could potentially look like. He made me feel completely prepared for the surgery and I trusted him 100%. The day of the surgery he was super thoughtful and while preparing for surgery he made sure you were comfortable. I will recommend him to anyone who is considering plastic surgery.”

-Rachel (Salem, WI)

“Dr. Parfitt made me feel very comfortable from the beginning, and was very available if I had questions or concerns at all.”

-Lynette (Madison, WI)

“Being one of Dr. Parfitt’s patients was, for me, an all encompassing delight. Besides being personable and having a wonderful caring staff, his credentials are very impressive. Not for one moment did I feel any trepidation in his explanations and advice informing me of my upcoming procedure. I look forward to any and all of my future plastic surgery procedures to be preformed by Dr. Parfitt.”

 (Menominee, MI)

“I specifically chose Dr. Parfitt because I knew of his educational and professional preparation and expertise. I had also seen his results with family members. I knew I would be going to the best prepared cosmetic surgeon in the area.”

–Mary Jo (Manitowoc, WI)

“I love the way he treated me. So caring and calming!”

-Sara (Middleton, WI)

“Wonderful staff. I have always been pleased with your products and services I was surprised how little pain there was”

-Mary (Verona, WI)

“I am so glad that I decided to stay in the recovery suite. It was the perfect situation. The care I received was outstanding! Staff responded immediately to every request,and made sure that I was completely comfortable. I’ve never before experienced such a loving level of care as I did by Dr. Parfitt and his staff.”

 (Eagle Harbor, MI)

“People respond better to me – whether its because I have more confidence or because of my looks I cannot tell.

I feel better about my self.

I’m inspired to take better care of my self, to eat better and exercise more so as to get my money’s worth, so to speak. I don’t want it to go to waste.

Jodi was awesome. She really made my stay so much better. I felt I was in good hands.

I would not want anyone else to do facial plastic surgery on me – no one. I trust him wholeheartedly and have referred him to all those who know about my surgery.”

-Bev (Sun Prairie, WI)

“Overall, my experience having plastic surgery was very good, and I wouldn’t hesitate to have more. Very competent, caring staff and Dr. Parfitt was always kind and reassuring. I wouldn’t consider any other doctor for further procedures.”

– Patty
 (De Pere, WI)

“Dr. Parfitt and the staff made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process. I’m happy I chose Dr. Parfitt. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming”

-Rebecca (Janesville, WI)

“What I remember about the overnight suite and staff (okay, I was pretty groggy) was great. Jodie stayed with me and ordered dinner the second night and visited a while. Everyone checked in on me as needed and I could rest but felt comfortable knowing I had someone looking after me.”

– Mindy
 (Evansville, WI)

“glad there was overnight suite to stay at verses having to stay at a hotel. Nice to have help with ice packs & getting comfortably situated….I would do it again as I was pleased with the results.”

-Kay (Marshfield, WI)

“I felt like Dr. Parfitt was very open and honest about the expectations of the outcome. I didn’t even go to other consultations because I didn’t find any other websites with such great results and so many results pictures. I knew this was the only place I would go if I were going to have the rhinoplasty. I’m very happy with the results!”

– Jane
 (Evansville, WI)

“The best part of having surgery with Dr. Parfitt is the fact that he puts his results on display (only of patients who have given consent to use photos). This reassured me that he is proud of the work he has done. I felt like I was able to preview my results through his photos.”

– Donna
 (Slinger, WI)

“I am no longer self-conscious about my nose. I have a lot of confidence in Dr. Parfitt and am considering additional procedures. My nose looks naturally, not like someone who had a nose job.”

-Teresa (Eagle, WI)

“My experience was great. The staff looked in on me every hour and at times more often. They responded to my calls immediately. The facility was clean, comfortable and well designed.”

– Nella
 (Oshkosh, WI)

“Really liked and trusted Dr. Parfitt and will definitely recommend him

Look younger

Look healthier


-Kathy (Madison, WI)

“I am very impressed with Dr. Parfitt and the staff at both offices! Everyone was very kind and professional and did an amazing job! It was obvious to me that all of the staff truly cares about their patients. I also loved how beautiful both of the offices are.”

-Carol (Rudolph, WI)

“Dr. Parfitt was the second doctor I had a consultation with, the first one I drove 9 hours to see and he didn’t work with me on what I desired in my results, like Dr Parfitt did. What I liked about Dr. Parfitt was that he wasn’t distant and wasn’t one of those doctors that seemed to only care about their business. He is always very humble and understanding. His entire office was a treat to deal with and reassured me I was making the right decision. My whole family is blown away with Dr. Parffit and his office. I even have family members who are interested in getting work done with him now too. The staff was amazing, they were supportive,put me at ease, and even gave me tips on how to clear up my skin. Absolutely wonderful people to be around.”

– Leah
 (Onalaska, WI)

“I am thrilled with the results from my Blepharoplasty! I wanted to have this procedure for years but was afraid! Dr. Parfitt and his team made me feel completely comfortable. I can honestly say I did not have one moment of discomfort! Amazing results! No more looking old and tired!”

-Terri (Sun Prairie, WI)

“Overall glad I did it. I would definitely do it again. And would recommend Dr. Parfitt and team: professional, courteous, friendly.”

-Sherry (Sun Prairie, WI)

“I know this is one of the best decisions I have made for my personal well-being and emotional health and I could not be happier I did it! I wish I had done it sooner! I felt so well care for and never concerned I would be “left alone” during any part of the process. Dr. Parfitt and staff treated me like family and I could not have been happier with my experience.”

– Virginia (
Sun Prairie, WI)

“I have absolutely no regrets about choosing Dr. Parfitt. He did an excellent job. My face is so much better looking yet people didn’t notice. They seemed to just accept that I had a restful vacation. I really think people don’t remember the sags and droops. They just think you are looking good!”

– Janet
 (Madison, WI)

“I felt EXTREMELY well informed and well taken care of before, during, and after the surgery.”

– Mary
 (DeForest, WI)

“Can breath threw nose now, and sleeping best i have in years. My nose looks fantastic. And don’t mind having side profile pictures taken now. Because all I used to see is my nose.

Can’t complain about anything, surgery went great, very little pain.

Surprised how pain free surgery was, and that i had no scarring.

Was very impressed with dr. Parfitt, from the beginning when i met him at the open house in appleton. When i had consult with him was very pleased to hear he could not only straighten my septum so i could breathe through my nose but could also straighten it so it fit better with rest of facial features, nose was a mess from previous septum surgeries done by Ent Drs. If your thinking about having surgery done and looking for a surgeon thats a perfectionist, dr parfitt is the surgeon for you.”

-Judy (Chilton, WI)

“Dr. Parfitt is a true artist. His skill and knowledge base is above and beyond what could be expected, and his aesthetic is exquisite. My experience in the overnight suite was absolutely wonderful. Jodie is a true gem. She made us feel comfortable, safe, and pampered!”

– Steven
 (Madison, WI)

“I think Dr. Parfitt and his staff are the best. I was thinking about this for years and even met with a doctor in another city. The web site gives the right information and gave me the confidence to at least interview. I had misgivings about an unnatural look. Dr. Parfitt addressed all of my concerns and the testimonials confirmed that this was where I belonged. I think being a facial plastic surgeon is of utmost importance when working on your face. I wouldn’t consider otherwise. I’m just happy I took the time to research this thoroughly and found Dr. Parfitt.”

– Linda (Rockford, IL)

“My experience with Dr. Parfitt and his staff was nothing but positive.”

– Julie (Verona, WI)

“Wonderful experience! I would recommend him to anyone if I ever told people I had work done.”

-Erin (Kenosha, WI)

“Dr. Parfitt is the BEST doctor that I have ever had and I would advise him to anyone considering facial plastic surgery.”

– Judy (Appleton, WI)

“I am so glad that I found Dr. Parfitt and his surgery center. The numerous photo examples of surgeries that he had done, on-line and in the center, reassured me that he had done this surgery many times with great success.  Everyone was very professional–yet friendly and down to earth. The overnight suite was comfortable and having staff check in on the patient during the first 24 hours is such a good idea.”

– Debbi (Kirkland, IL)

“Dr. Parfitt is one of the ‘BEST’ doctors around!!! I had no side effects and a quick comeback for me! I was just amazed at everything. Loved his homey clinic and all his staff and felt so very comfortable!!!”

– Judie (Appleton, WI)

“My experience with Dr. Parfitt and his team was better than I could have expected. From my consultation appointment to surgery day and post ops I felt cared for and truly important to everyone in the office. I think Dr. Parfitt was great at communicating the outcome he hoped for and I felt very involved in this process. The kindness and commitment of Dr. Parfitt made having facial plastic surgery all the more worth it. I am extremely happy with my results and I feel so lucky to have worked with Dr. Parfitt and his team.”

– Kayla (Hartland, WI)

“I am so happy that I finely had these procedures done! Dr. Parfitt is very down-to-earth and caring person. I certainly won’t hesitate to have my next procedure with him (when the time comes). He is truly a master of his craft!”

– Kathy (Lodi, WI)

“Dr. Parfitt is an artist and a wonderful surgeon.”

– Susan (Minocqua, WI)

“Dr. Parfitt was great. He gave me several options during my consult and allowed me to make the decision for what would be right for me. Everyone at Dr. Parfitt’s office is professional and very pleasant. They put me and my partner at ease.”

– Kim (Evansville, WI)

“I can’t say enough great things about Dr. Parfitt. In fact, I told my sister when she is ready to have her nose done to drive up from Chicago and have Dr. Parfitt do it. Dr. Parfitt has such a calm and caring persona. He gives you so much time and personal attention. He does many of the major tasks, such as taking photos and drawing on the computer your new look, himself which gives you a lot of quality time with him and really makes you feel like he cares of about your outcome. The same goes for the staff. They always ensured that every visit felt “private” and “confidential”. They were so incredibly sweet. One of the nurses had just completed her nose surgery a week before mine and was able to give details of her whole experience. It was so comforting. The staff was so doting and it truly felt like a one-on-one experience from the top down.

I have had other non-facial plastic surgeries in Chicago and Madison and it always felt like a cattle car of people being carted through the facility. Dr. Parfitt’s building, operating facility, waiting area and recovery suite is the best of the best! I almost didn’t want to leave that comfortable recliner in the private recovery suite. I cannot say enough about everyone and how great my experience was. I am more than willing to be a reference if anyone ever asks for one!”

– Sara (Madison, WI)

“I was very informed and knew what to expect. Everything was explained very well to me. I also had done my homework and research. Dr. Parfitt has a wonderful website that explains the procedures very well.”

– Christine (Monroe, WI)

“I could not be happier with the results. Dr. Parfitt and his team are all very professional. They took very good care of me. My treatment was first class, from pre-op to post-op. I would not hesitate to go back for another procedure. It was a totally positive experience from start to finish. I have absolutely no negative criticisms to make.”

–Robert (Lodi, WI)

“I am very glad that I had my procedure done with Dr. Parfitt, both him and his staff were very helpful in answering any of my questions, making me feel cared for before, during and after the procedure. My follow up appointments went well and, should I decide on any future procedures, I will be back to put myself in Dr. Parfitt’s skilled hands and professional care.”

– Mike (Appleton, WI)

“I was not originally planning for a full face lift, but I’m happy that I had it done. The results are natural looking, but I still look like myself, only much better. Dr. Parfitt is obviously an expert. He doesn’t rush through the surgery, but definitely knows what he’s doing. I felt comfortable putting my appearance in his hands. Now I know that my confidence was justified.”

– Barbara (Chicago, IL)

“I liked how Dr Parfitt did not change my look.  He made my nose appear much more feminine.  I still have the integrity of my “old” nose, but it is much softer.  Removing the fat under my eyes, gives me a much more refreshed and relaxed look.  I also had my upper eyelids done.  Reducing my earlobes at the same time was a great decision.   My ears are proportionate with my nose.  I can pull my hair back and feel good.  I am very pleased with the results.  I work with 25 employees and not one could tell I had “work” done.   I am happy about that.”

– Karen (Whitewater, WI)

“I chose Dr. Parfitt because of his reputation and I also reviewed the web site and read articles about his practice in a magazine. The before and after photos were great and the results were so natural looking. That’s what I wanted and I am very happy with the results. I have recommended Dr. Parfitt to my friends and family. The staff is very friendly and professional.”

– Jody (Belvidere, IL)

“I would like to thank Dr. Parfitt for his exceptional skill and professionalism. I take great satisfaction in wearing his artistry. Although I’m only 3 months post-op I can tell a difference already, but know that the full effects will take longer, which I am sure I will be even more pleased with. My overall experience was deeply comforting and respectful. In addition, I found the staff to be caring, genuine, and educated. The facility is a fabulous exemplification of what the medical field should strive for. Thank you!”

-Stacy (Waunakee, WI)

“Finding a Doctor who was reputable and very experienced was my number one consideration in choosing who would do my surgery. Dr. Parfitt and all of his staff made me feel very comfortable and that I would be taken care of. I felt Dr. Parfitt really listened to what my concerns were and what I was hoping my results would be. I would do it all again without hesitation.  Every day I look in the mirror I say “Thank you, Dr. Parfitt.”

– Sheryl (Appleton, WI)

“I am happy I had the surgery and I am happy I chose Dr. Parfitt. I had zero complications and very little pain/discomfort.”

-Melissa (Middleton, WI)

“Great job of informing, when I had a problem on a Sunday Dr. Parfitt met with me.  Nothing but good things to say about Dr. Parfitt.  I recommend him to everyone considering plastic surgery.  I had two prior nose surgeries and was hesitant to do a third because of pain experienced in previous surgeries but I’m glad I went through with it because there was little to no pain!”

– Colby (Mineral Point, WI)

“The procedure was virtually painless. I like the end results. Full costs were explained very clearly and completely. Everyone in the office is very professional.”

– Karen (Platteville, WI)

“I am extremely pleased with my results. The entire staff was so helpful and accommodating. I felt very safe in Dr Parfitt’s hands–he is an expert! I have been wanting to have this procedure done for years and it took so long for me to finally get the courage to go through with it. Now, knowing how breezy recovery was and how great I feel now, I wish I’d have done it sooner!”

– Abby (Plover, WI)

“Many folks are telling me that I look great and want to know what I’ve been doing! It is a short term inconvenience for long time results that really did boost my self confidence! I received suggestions from Dr. Parfitt as to what he thought I could do and why it would be beneficial, but he didn’t push me. He offered three different quotes dependent on what I would like to have done so I was informed of all potential options. I felt comfortable as everyone on the staff was confident, knowledgeable, and friendly.  It was a good experience with absolutely excellent results.”

– Sharon (Milton, WI)

“I feel good about myself. I have always exercised and maintained my appropriate weight. There was little I could do, personally to recover my younger face.

I have more confidence.

My results are perfect. No one suspects I had surgery -it’s all very natural looking, in spite of my my wonderful results

I would recommend Dr. Parfitt to everyone. I am very pleased.”

-Mary (Verona, WI)

“Dr. Parfitt is a highly skilled surgeon with the ability to make his patients look like the best version of themselves. The outcome looks natural, relaxed and well rested. He sincerely cares for his patients, takes his time to answer questions, and is down to earth and very approachable. He has a keen eye and provides honest feedback during consultations.”

-Jean (Madison, WI)

“Dr. Parfitt and staff are exceedingly professional and talented.”

-Erica (Madison, WI)

“His bedside manner was very courteous and professional. He made me feel very comfortable and confident in choosing him to be my surgeon.”

-Holly (Waunakee, WI)

“Confidently I can wear jewelry, that I love but haven’t put on for several years, because it brought attention to my face and neck. I don’t need to “hide” my chin and neck anymore. I spent two nights at your clinic. I was comfortable, well attended and cared for. My friend, a retired RN, stayed with me and she too was impressed with the clinic and the care I received.”

-Lois (Madison, WI)

“I think that having my surgery was the best decision that I could have made for myself. It took quite awhile to figure out the right time to have it done, and secure everything financially, but it was worth it. I look younger, more refreshed, and I feel more confident

The recovery was quicker and easier than I thought. I thought that I would have a lot more pain, but it really wasn’t that bad. I thought that I would have more bruising but I didn’t.

Dr Parfitt is highly professional and a real artist. He takes pride in his work and he has a very gentle and down to earth bedside manner. I have recommended him to several friends.”

-Jeneile  (Madison, WI)

“I decided to have surgery with Dr. Parfitt as he seemed to be the most qualified surgeon that I found. I have been very happy with my results and I would recommend him and his staff to any one thinking of having any procedures done”

-Julie (Menasha, WI)

“Everything and everyone was great, all my needs were met and I felt secure. He did a wonderful job and I would definitely recommend him to anyone considering plastic surgery.”

-Judith (Hortonville, WI)

“I love how thorough Dr. Parfitt was. He made me feel very confident with going through with it.”

-Amber (Green Bay, WI)

“I’m so happy I stayed in the overnight suite. Everyone treated us so well. I can’t imagine going thru the surgery I had and not having the expertise of all the staff on hand. Everyone was so wonderful!!! Great job.!!! Someone was always checking in,making sure my needs were met,going out to get me food. I still remember how wonderful the chocolate shake tasted that Jodi went to get for me from Culvers. I wouldn’t do it any other way!!!

I know that I had the BEST surgeon.!!! I know Dr. Parfitt loves what he does, and it’s evident with the way he treats each and everyone individually. I attended many seminars in Appleton to listen and learn before I went thru with my surgery. I also visited your surgery center in Middleton to see and get a feel of what the center was like. Dr. Parfitt told me I would get natural looking results and that is just what I got. I could not be happier,and Thank you all for your expertise in your field.”

-Barbara (Appleton, WI)

“It was wonderful and comforting to have knowledgeable staff providing direct care immediately after a procedure that I felt was a major decision in my life. I would do it all over again.”

-Laura (WI Rapids, WI)

“I received excellent care from the staff! They really were exceptional. Dr. Parfitt is amazing. He immediately made me feel comfortable. I was not afraid to ask questions and he took the time to explain the answers. He and his thoughtful staff are wonderful to work with!”

-Renee (Madison, WI)

“It was absolutely great. Comforting– and comfortable, too. Jody was great. I’m very glad I went ahead and had facial plastic surgery done by Dr. Parfitt. I think he did a splendid job, especially on someone as old as I am (75). He is a patient, kind, and careful doctor, who also manages to maintain a sense of humor. No easy task, I’ll bet, considering the probable insecurities of many (although certainly not all!) of his patients.”

-Marilyn (Madison, WI)

“Im so happy and pleased with my decision to go with Dr. Parfitt. Dr. in my opinion, Dr. Parfitt put forth his best effort, and that is extremely important. I felt comfortable and at ease during my consult, my pre-op,my surgery and post ops. If I did not feel comfortable and at ease with Dr. Parfitt and his staff, there’s no way I would have had my services rendered there, nor would I recommend anyone. My overall experiences was excellent. ive recommended Dr. Parfitt to my daughter, and my mom just told me she is considering having some facial improvements done. I will definitely recommend Dr. Parfitt. he is pleasant, patient, gentle and kind. most of all, he is a fantastic facial surgeon !!!!!!”

-Gina (Peosta, IA)

“I was really glad I did this. I was comfortable and well cared for. I wasn’t worried about anything because I knew the nurse was checking on me. She changed my cold compress and kept me comfortable so I could actually sleep.

I felt confident at my first meeting with Dr. Parfitt. I was impressed by the analysis he gave me regarding what was actually wrong and how it could be corrected. I knew he wouldn’t do the surgery if he didn’t feel it would be successful. The photo images and his expertise were invaluable in helping me decide what I wanted. His dedication to meeting his client’s needs is evident throughout all treatment and by his entire staff.”

-Natalie (DePere, WI)

“I’m glad I finally got the nerve to go through with it. I really do look younger and less tired. I appreciated Dr. Parfitt’s calmness. He has a very nice way with people. He made me feel confident in the procedure and then his work speaks for itself.”

-Lisa (Verona, WI)

“I would return to Dr. Parfitt any day. I felt confident in his abilities and his staff and was treated with respect and kindness. I never dreamt that plastic surgery would be so easy!”

-Lindsey (Waukesha, WI)

“The recovery suite was just perfect. I like the idea that Dr. Parfitt was easily accessible if needed.

The staff was just wonderful to me.

I cannot say enough about Dr. Parfitt. He was extremely professional, kind and treated my husband and I just excellent.”

-Annette (Wausaukee, WI)

“After waiting for years for the right time to have this surgery and doing months of research to find the right doctor, I believe I was meant to have Dr. Parfitt perform my surgery. His expertise and skill gave me the result I was looking for. The staff was exceptional, very friendly, answered any and all questions, genuinely concerned with taking care of me. The recovery suite was comfortable and a nice “home away from home” for the night.”

– Michael (Appleton, WI)

“The staff made me feel very welcome. Having the procedure was one of the best decisions of my life. It was an amazing change and I am glad to have chosen Dr. Parfitt.”

– Paris (Menasha, WI)

“I would recommend him to anyone looking for natural results.”

-Robin (Suring, WI)

“Most people don’t realize that I have had plastic surgery. That doesn’t mean that I don’t look different…it is just that I look natural. I am me only better. This takes a very skilled surgeon, which Dr. Parfitt is. He was also kind and answered all my questions.”

– Jane (Prince Edward Island, Canada)

“The work that was done was performed with a gentle hand. My final look is refreshed and not pulled or tight. My eyes look more youthful and I have a stronger chin profile.”

– Mike (Mazomanie, WI)

“#1 The service was amazing!

#2 There was little aftermath – little pain and next to no bruising

#3 It looks great – six months later, I am sorry that I didn’t do it sooner!

Dr. Parfitt was wonderful – both in his honesty and surgical manner. It’s also clear that his staff embraces his attitude of excellent service.”

-Sally (St. Louis, MO)

“Being able to look in the mirror and face now reflects my body. I work hard to stay in shape and now my face doesn’t look like an old hag stuck on a younger body!

Having the surgery gave me an unexpected emotional lift. Was always a happy person….but now I can’t stop smiling.

We loved your suite. The chair was comfy and my friend slept well in the bed. It was nice having the refrigerator and all the complimentary snacks. My friend loved the popcorn!

Jodie was so comforting and calming. She checked on me constantly. I felt secure in knowing a trained person was in charge. She smiled even in the middle of the night when I needed something. She’s a gem.

There are other surgeons in the Fox Valley. But going to the Open House where Dr. Parfitt spoke and seeing the before and after pictures sealed the deal for me. The fact that he specializes in face/neck only qualifies him as the best. Having the suture lines at edge of ear instead of in front makes for a better outcome.

Dr. also took the time to study my face and make suggestions. I never felt rushed. He made me comfortable answering the many, many detailed questions I had written down and needed answers to.

Your staff is terrific. Thanks to Heather for her gentle removal of stitches and clips. And for the recent facial. Your staff is competent and professional…..yet friendly and approachable.”

-Marie (Appleton, WI)

“I was totally informed by the doctor and his staff about the entire procedure. I was surprised that the care and treatment was so warm and personal, not cold and clinical like hospital surgeries. From the moment I walked in the door I was treated with personal attention-I kind of felt like I was a VIP at a spa, not going into surgery. Even the operating room was relaxing with music.”

– Carol (Mauston, WI)

“The ladies that work there gave me a lot of information and made me feel real comfortable with my decision. Dr. Parfitt is an excellent surgeon. I would tell anyone who was interested in getting a rhinoplasty to go there. I was never in any pain and he did an excellent job.”

– Lacey (DeForest, WI)

“Dr. Parfitt is an amazing person and an exceptional Doctor. I can’t thank him enough for performing such an excellent surgery and for making me feel secure and 100% confident in my decision. My surgery performed by Dr. Parfitt is a dream come true!”

– Lana (Minneapolis, MN)

“It was great! The staff was friendly, casual and made me feel welcome. I was relaxed the entire time and it made it real easy. I still have warm feelings towards the staff and look forward to my next visit.”

– Kim (Madison, WI)

“I am highly recommending Dr Parfitt to friends that may be considering facial services or surgery.

He was my best friend throughout my time of need. My best interests were a priority regardless of expense or resources expended. That was very clear.

He provided reassurance which was genuine.”

-Hayden (Madison, WI)

“I am so glad I had this procedure done! Dr. Parfitt is a very trustworthy, genuine, and competent surgeon. I was confident all along that I was in great hands and my results are wonderful. Dr. Parfitt and his staff are amazing….I am considering changing careers and getting into plastics myself because of them!”

– Lindsay (Milwaukee, WI)

“I told very few people what I was having done and since the procedures I have had no one question if I have had something done.  I have on only heard compliments such as I look like I’ve lost weight, I look good, I look rested….people I haven’t seen in awhile only notice I look better.  I think that speaks volumes to the quality of Dr. Parfitt’s work and making it look natural.  I would do it all over again and if I have anything else done in the future, he is the one I will call!”

– Paula (Beavercreek, OH)

“I feel like I have a new lease on life. I will be able to make the next 10 years of my life better due to the surgery. I will always recommend Dr. Parfitt and his staff to others.”

– Judy
 (Madison, WI)

“My overall experience was a nice one. Everything he told me to expect was right on. I would definitely recommend him to others.”

– Wendy (Oneida, WI)

“Dr. Parfitt and his staff are all professionals in every sense of the word.  I felt welcomed, well cared for and would recommend Dr. Parfitt to anyone who is considering facial plastic surgery.”

– Diane (Madison, WI)

“I feel better, look better, and am not always worried people are looking at my nose. Awesome. Everyone was so great and friendly. I am very pleased with my results. I felt very comfortable with Dr. Parfitt and his staff. I would recommend Dr. Parfitt to anyone.”

-Karin (Rhinelander, WI)

“Dr. Parfitt’s artistic and aesthetically based surgery is unsurpassed in my mind.”

– Barbara (Avoca, WI)

“The three best things about my facial plastic surgery with Dr. Parfitt are: my eyes look brighter and more noticeable (bigger), under my eyes is smoother, younger looking with no bags and my jowls and sagging skin under neck is much firmer.”

– Sylvia (Eagle River, WI)

“Thank you Dr. Parfitt and to all your wonderful staff.  Your caring, professional attitude and actions have brought me back to life.   The difference this has made in my life far, far outweighs my original concerns about the cost.  Now, the person reflected in the mirror is so much more in balance with the person I am internally.  I wish I had done this a long time ago.  Thank you, many times over!”

– Sue (Berlin, WI)

“I felt very very well prepared, the office did a great job of preparing me for everything. I was honestly SUPER surprised at the amazing “recovery” room, that was great.

I would recommend Dr. Parfitt to anyone, he did exactly what I had wanted for so long and I love love LOVE my new nose.”

-Amanda  (Beloit, WI)

“Dr. Parfitt was very professional, took into account my personal features and stature and made sure I was prepared for the aftercare. He made subtle changes to more that one area resulting in a much better balance.”

– Melissa (Madison, WI)

“His office staff are exceedingly friendly and helpful (one person picked me up from my house for the first follow-up in her own car and drove me back, too!). All appointments are exactly as scheduled and never run late.  I am actually going back for a second procedure. I have also come back for Botox (the surgery bonus was a nice surprise) and will certainly come back for it in the future.”

– Monika (Madison, WI)

“I was scheduled to have my plastic surgery performed by a surgeon in Green Bay. Yes, I was actually on their schedule! My husband and daughter begged me to seek out another opinion from Dr. Parfitt, who specializes in doing JUST FACES. It was my face I was having done and I didn’t want to take a chance in receiving poor results so I followed up on their suggestion. I checked out Dr. Parfitt’s websites and soon met with him. After seeing his work, meeting him and his staff and talking with him I knew he was the surgeon I could place my complete trust in. The apprehensive, inward warning voice completely disappeared and I knew beyond doubt my outcome would be a good one. I had found the best facial plastic surgeon possible. I can’t say I have even the smallest regret. When it’s your face, everyone needs to find the best surgeon and that’s Dr. Richard Parfitt.”

–Karen (Crivitz, WI)

“I loved my experience with Dr. Parfitt and his staff.  I look better than I expected and felt the procedure was easy, recovery time was short and the follow up care excellent.  I would do this again in a heartbeat.  Dr. Parfitt has excellent bedside manner and makes you feel like you are a member of his family.  He cares how you look as much as you do!”

– Christine (Verona, WI)

“The staff was super. The doctor was always available. He listened to me and addressed my concerns. He even made himself available on a Saturday to see me.”

–Mary (Lake Mills, WI)

“Besides being a skilled surgeon, Dr. Parfitt is a warm and thoughtful person whose reassurance was comforting.”

-Diana (Madison, WI)

“I feel that choosing Dr Parfitt for my surgery was by far the best decision I made. I am so pleased with the results. I had my surgery 4 months before my wedding. Now I’m 2 weeks away from getting married and am so excited to show off how great I look and feel in photos, and on the most important day of my life. Dr. Parfitt was extremely caring and gentle. Post op I had a minimal amount of pain and very very little to no bruising. He took the time to answer any questions I had via Skype and in person. I firmly believe because of Dr Parfitt’s expertise that was the reason I healed so wonderfully and had only the smallest amount of bruising. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Parfitt to anyone looking to undergo facial plastic surgery. I’m so glad I made the decision I did and couldn’t be happier with the results of my under eye area. Friends and family who did not know I had the surgery continually comment how great I look and ask what my skin care routine is, ha ha!”

-Alena (Kenosha, WI)

“I was so amazed at the results! I only wish I would have done the procedure sooner. I feel SO much better when I look in the mirror and do not see the tired look. I am young and active. I now feel my face matches my body.”

– Kathy
 (Green Bay, WI)

“Wonderful experience!! Comfortable and beautiful suite. Great food! Jody was available whenever I needed her. She was fun to talk to and kept reassuring me when I had any concerns.

DR. PARFITT IS A TRUE SURGICAL ARTIST!!!! He’s a genius!!!!! I quickly learned how fortunate I was to have Dr. Parfitt as my surgeon. His methodical and detailed approach to surgery reveals how he successfully accomplishes beautiful results on such a variety of patients.

I would do it again in a minute!!!!!!

Thank you so much everyone!!!!!!!!!!”

-Mary (Madison, WI)

“Dr. Parfitt is an amazing surgeon. The fact that I was able to stay in the recovery suite after the surgery was invaluable. The staff was incredible.”

– Jamie
 (Egg Harbor, WI)

“I was flattered by all the attention Dr. Parfitt and his staff would give me. I couldn’t ask for a better experience when it comes to facial surgery. My next procedure (when needed) will definitely be with Dr. Parfitt again.”

– Nina
 (St. Lucia)

“Very helpful and compassionate staff. Also were supportive of me and my partner. Staff would come right away after I pressed the call button. No waiting. For one of my follow up appointments, one of Dr. Parfitt’s staff picked me up at my home and brought me to the clinic. Dr. Parfitt is extremely professional with very high standards. Even my hairdresser who says she can spot a brow lift a mile away was shocked when she parted my hair only three weeks after surgery and barely found a scar. Dr. Parfitt is more than a surgeon, he is an artist!”

– Mary
 (Madison, WI)

“Dr.Parfitt is an amazing doctor. The quality of his work is top of the line. Also, his professionalism and social etiquette are impressive.”

– Luke
 (Columbus, WI)

“Your staff is incredibly kind and concerned; assisting me throughout the day of my surgery and helping me to get over to my room at the hotel, I appreciated your competence and compassion. Your continual assistance the next day and preparing me to go home with detailed instructions, I felt confident everything will be fine and if I needed help, I could contact you.  You do an excellent job in caring for your patients and your customer service skills are incredible. Thank you so much for everything you do!”

– Hollie
 (Tomah, WI)

“Dr. Parfitt is wonderful and an artist when it comes to facial plastic surgery.  He’s kind, considerate, and caring, and genuinely interested in his patients.”

– Barbara
 (Hanover, IL)

“Everyone on the staff was very kind and made me feel very comfortable. I felt very much at ease the entire time. ”

– Linda (
Madison, WI)


Facial plastic surgery with Dr. Richard Parfitt can make it possible to correct many undesirable facial features that can often undermine one’s self-esteem and self-confidence. If you would like more information or are interested in a facial cosmetic procedure, schedule a consultation today with Dr. Parfitt at one of our Wisconsin office locations in Madison or Appleton by calling 888.389.3223.