Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures - Dr. Richard Parfitt
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Facial Plastic Surgery in Wisconsin

Facial cosmetic surgery is a combination of science, art, experience, technical skill and the ability to listen to the patient’s concerns. Dr. Parfitt is an expert in the plastic surgery industry and is one of the only double-board certified facial plastic surgeon in Wisconsin devoting his entire practice to cosmetic facial plastic surgery. Dr. Parfitt and his staff strive to provide patients with the knowledge to make informed decisions based on realistic outcomes. From your first consultation, through surgery and follow up visits, we will do our best to make this an enjoyable experience. We aim to be the most personalized and informative plastic surgery clinic in the Midwest, and we treat our patients with the same respect and care we would extend to members of our own families.


Facial plastic surgery at Parfitt Facial Cosmetic Surgery Center makes it possible to correct many undesirable facial features that can often undermine one’s self-esteem and self-confidence. By changing how you look, these procedures can help improve how you feel about yourself. If you would like more information or are interested in a facial cosmetic procedure, schedule a consultation today with Dr. Richard Parfitt at one of our Wisconsin office locations in Madison or Appleton by calling 888.389.3223.