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Facelift / Neck Lift

Facelift / Neck Lift in Wisconsin

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View hundreds of real patient results of Dr. Parfitt’s facial cosmetic surgery procedures.


As the face ages, the skin on the face and neck begins to loosen, and crow’s feet become visible at the corners of the eyes. The jawline is no longer straight and jowls begin to develop. Under the chin, a “second chin” or vertical folds in the skin appear at the front of the neck. Forehead lines start as fine wrinkles, become defined creases, and gradually, end up as deeper folds. The pull of gravity, heredity, personal habits, and sun exposure contribute to this aging process.


The goal of the facelift operation is to reduce the sagging and wrinkling caused by loose skin and to lift or reposition the fatty tissues of the face and neck which tend to sag with advancing years or premature aging. The facelift has become one of the most popular cosmetic operations performed in the head and neck because as medical advances and new technology increases the average life span, many women and men find that they look older than they feel, physically and mentally. With facial cosmetic surgery with Dr. Parfitt, it is very possible to correct many facial flaws and signs of aging that can chip away at self-confidence.


As with any elective surgical procedure, realistic expectations and good health are prerequisites. Men and women can both be candidates for a facelift procedure. There is no specific ideal in a facelift, however, the goal is to improve overall facial appearance.


You may be an ideal candidate for a facelift procedure, if you wish to correct one or more of the following conditions:

– Deep wrinkles or lines around the corners of the mouth
– Wrinkling and sagging around the midface
– Jowling (loss of a well-defined jawline)
– Loose skin, wrinkles or excess fatty tissue “double-chin” appearance in the neck


This procedure is occasionally performed on patients in their thirties, and has been performed on patients in their eighties. Although a facelift cannot stop aging, it can reverse the signs of aging and help your face look its best and give you a look of energy, youth, and a more healthy appearance. Increased self-confidence is a side benefit that many patients experience as well.


Your consultation with Dr. Parfitt will help you decide on the type of surgery that best addresses your concerns. He will determine if a facelift surgery is the best procedure to achieve your facial harmony. Patients often decide to have neck liposuction in conjunction with a facelift to remove excess fatty deposits. If a number of flaws need correction, then more than one procedure may be desired for the best overall result.


If you are interested in a facelift, your choice of a board-certified Facial Plastic Surgeon is extremely important. During your consultation, Dr. Parfitt will examine your facial anatomy and also obtain a medical history, so he can consider any medical conditions that may heighten any risk. Dr. Parfitt will weigh other factors that could influence the results of surgery such as skin type, age, ethnicity and your expectations of surgery. Once you and Dr. Parfitt arrive at a mutual understanding and trust, he will tailor a treatment plan that is best suited to you.


At your consultation you will receive detailed information of the following:
– Surgical procedure(s)
– Technique indicated
– Type of anesthesia
– Risks involved
– Middleton/Madison on-site surgical facility
– Additional surgery recommendations
– Scheduling and booking options
– Financing policies
– Surgical quote of costs involved


The facelift surgery will be performed at our Madison on-site surgical facility. The incision for the facelift starts in the area of the temple hair, just above the ear, and then continues downward around the earlobe, circling up in the groove behind the ear before returning into the hair of the scalp behind the ear. The skin is elevated from its attachments to underlying tissue before Dr. Parfitt repositions and tightens the underlying connective tissue and muscle. A quantity of fat may be removed, as well as the excess lax skin. In facelifts for men, the incision is designed to accommodate natural beard location. In all cases, the incision is designed to fall in a natural crease of the skin for concealment. After trimming excess skin, Dr. Parfitt then closes all incisions with very fine sutures. Some metal clips are also used, which permit surgery without shaving hair from the incision site. Following surgery, a dressing will be applied to protect the entire area where incisions were made.


Dr. Parfitt will wrap your head with a conforming type of gauze post procedure to reduce swelling and bruising. You will also be instructed to keep your head elevated while lying down, and to report any undue discomfort. We recommend being elevated with extra pillows while you rest. Some degree of bruising and swelling is expected and will subside, however all patients are required to follow the post-operative instructions to ensure better healing and to reduce any possible complications.


After a facelift, Dr. Parfitt requires stay in our on-site Private Recovery Suite for the first night following surgery, so you can stay as rested as possible. The first night post facelift your head will be supported with a conforming wrap to reduce swelling and bruising. The first wrap is removed the next morning and a less conforming, smaller wrap is applied for an additional day. On the second morning post facelift surgery this final wrap is removed. At this time, patients may start to shower. Sutures are removed 6 days following surgery and any metal clips are removed on the day 10 following facelift surgery. Light activity is encouraged starting the second day following facelift surgery. Vigorous activity, which raises blood pressure, is discouraged until 1 month out from surgery.



Whether you are having surgery for cosmetic or functional reasons, choosing a qualified and certified Facial Plastic Surgeon is of paramount importance. Dr. Parfitt is a double board-certified Facial Plastic Surgeon, which means he has extra years of surgical and reconstructive training. Dr. Parfitt has dedicated his entire private practice to cosmetic facial plastic surgery. Dr. Parfitt has over 20 years of experience and extensive knowledge of facial anatomy, specializing only in cosmetic procedures of the head and neck. When making your decision to have surgery, you can ensure that he is highly qualified and a skilled expert to perform your chosen procedure.


Where can I have a consultation with Dr. Parfitt?

Consultations with Dr. Parfitt can take place at either of our office locations in Middleton or Appleton, Wisconsin. If you are an out-of-town patient, Dr. Parfitt offers Skype virtual consultations. If you are interested in a consultation about facial cosmetic surgery with Dr. Parfitt, please call our office at 888.389.3223 or contact us online.

How long does a face lift surgery take?

Depending which type of facelift is done and the degree of complexity, the surgery can take from one to three hours. A combination of mild sedatives, local anesthesia, and a mild intravenous anesthesia is used to ensure that the patient experiences little discomfort.

There is no need to use general anesthesia for facelifts, which would only add more risk and cost to the procedure.

When can the I return to normal activities after the procedure?

Most post facelift bruising and swelling goes away within two to three weeks. However, many patients go back to their social and work activities within two weeks.

How will the scars heal?

Scars mature over time and should become minimally noticeable or even unnoticeable. The scars are easily hidden in natural skin lines or creases, within the hair-bearing scalp, or in persistent cases, with makeup until complete healing has occurred. Some relaxation of tissues will occur over the first few weeks as swelling subsides.

How long does a facelift last?

The duration of the results achieved with a face and neck lift cannot always be accurately predicted. If wrinkling and/or sagging are severe it will take years before the skin looks as it did before surgery. If the natural degenerative process in the skin is occurring rapidly, wrinkling and sagging will accumulate more rapidly.

In ideal cases, however, the duration of improvement following face-lifting is often from five to ten years.  No operation can permanently prevent aging, but the individual will probably never appear as old as he/she might have if the operation had not been done.

What type of anesthesia is used?

Twilight anesthesia, also known as IV sedation, is used. All facial surgery procedures are performed at our Middleton on-site surgical facility.

Is there pain involved with facelift?

Although pain is minimal, discomfort is part of the recovery process from a facelift surgery. Over the counter pain medication may be provided if needed.

What is the cost of a facelift in Wisconsin?

The cost of facelift surgery varies depending on the techniques and the amount of correction needed for the procedure. Depending on a patient’s facial anatomy, a variety of factors go into achieving an realistic and excellent result. A surgical quote will be presented during your consultation. If you are interested in a price range for a specific procedure, please call Dr. Parfitt’s Surgical Coordinator, Angela at 888.389.3223.

What can I do to achieve the best results?

The combination of surgical and non-surgical procedures performed at Parfitt Facial Cosmetic  Surgery Center and AestheticA Skin Health Center will improve the overall appearance with a refreshed, younger look, but the skin texture and longevity are also very important and can be enhanced with nonsurgical treatments and skin care.


Facial plastic surgery with Dr. Richard Parfitt can make it possible to correct many undesirable facial features that can often undermine one’s self-esteem and self-confidence. If you would like more information or are interested in a facial cosmetic procedure, schedule a consultation today with Dr. Parfitt at one of our Wisconsin office locations in Madison or Appleton by calling 888.389.3223.